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Anonymous asked: Hi! This is an um.. very awkward question. When ever I see something that really turns me on my area feels like what I guess is normal for girls to feel. But the thing is that after a while, when I end up going to the bathroom and I wipe .... there's this clear stuff there... I don't know what it is and it's really weird for me because It happens every time. (It's ok if you don't want to answer this ha ... 😣) I was just wondering if that's not a normal thing?

That is totally normal! When you get turned on your body lubricates itself to prepare for sex. You get “wet” as people say. The clear mucous looking stuff you’re seeing is just your body telling you you’re turned on! It’s also normal to see discharge that’s clear or whitish even if you aren’t turned on. Unless you’re seeing something that’s a strange color you don’t need to worry! 

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Anonymous asked: I realized recently that I like girls. I was never "boy- crazy" which now makes sense. Is it normal to be a little "girl crazy" for a while?

Sure! It’s normal to be “girl-crazy” at any point in life! 

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Anonymous asked: So I've recently told 2 people that I like girls but that I'm not really sure of whether or not i like guys as well. Is there any way i can tell for sure because i think theyre cute and whatever, but it's not like i'd want a romantic relationship with them.

I think it’s something you just know with time. It’s not really important though. If they ask, tell them you aren’t sure! You’ll figure it out when you do. 

Anonymous asked: There's this girl I sit next to in one of my classes and I REALLY like her but I think she's straight and idk what else to do cuz she seems very flirty but I think she's just being friendly.

Talk to her a little more. It can sometimes be easier to tell if someone’s flirting with you if you get to know them better.

Anonymous asked: Hi - I'm a straight girl but lately I've been realising that if I'm out shopping I tend to be quite flirty with shop assistants etc.. but I'm not sure if they are flirting with me and I'm reciprocating it or if I'm initiating it and they are responding to it..

That’s kind of hard to say without actually seeing you interact with someone. But does it really matter which it is? Some people are just flirty!

Anonymous asked: I told my counselor that my best friend (person I'm in love with but doesn't know it) cut but I didn't say who it was, I just wanted advice on what to tell her, and her name slipped out. After talking with them, my best friend texted me saying she hates me and to never talk to her. She won't accept my apology no matter how hard I try. I even kinda told her that I was in love with her. What should I do?

Give her a little bit of time. Hopefully at some point she’ll realize that you were just trying to help her. You wanted her to get help and you didn’t even intend to tell anyone who she was. She’s upset right now, but give her a few days to cool down and try again.

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I still have a couple things in the queue, but I have cleared out messages that were more than a week old. I’m really sorry if you send a message and it didn’t get answered, but I had over 300 and there was no way I was going to get to all of them. If I didn’t answer your question PLEASE resend it! 

Anonymous asked: Attraction/sex/sexuality anon. Thank you so much for your help! I feel better about it now and less conflicted. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to help me and other people. You give great advice and you are always patient and kind. Thank you again! Have a great day. :)

Thank you :) 

Anonymous asked: how do you know the difference between being bisexual and just having girl crushes?

Can you actually imagine yourself being with that person in a romantic or sexual way? 

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Anonymous asked: Prozac is, supposedly, the best drug for dependent personality disorder, but I DO NOT want the side effects of suicidal thoughts. Prozac can also treat depression and anxiety, so can medical marijuana. I haven't found a kinda of marijuana that treats DPD specifically, but I have found types that treat both depression and anxiety, as well as many other things. Should I try these? I'd rather deal with weed than suicidal thoughts.

I don’t know much about treating DPD because there aren’t very reliable treatments for personality disorders aside from Borderline. However, it makes sense that anxiety meds (or medical marijuana) could help with it because the traits that underlie dependency are things that also underlie anxiety disorders. I’m not going to make a recommendation for marijuana unless you actually live in a place where you can get a prescription from your doctor. As for the Prozac, I would ask your doctor to consider something like Xanax or Klonopin. Those are benzodiazepines. Prozac is an SSRI and thoughts of suicide are a common side effect for those. I haven’t had a problem with the SSRI I take, but if you’re scared of that a benzodiazepine might be a better idea.