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Despite this blog's name, we are not exclusively for lesbians. This is a place for anyone (LGBTQ or not) to come ask questions about anything going on in their lives. I'll offer the best advice I can give. Feel free to be anonymous or not! Personal questions or explicit questions are always okay as well. Please read the FAQs before you ask a question! Frequently Asked Questions

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Anonymous asked: I really like this girl and we have become really close friends. She always holds my hand and we hug a lot. We also hang out a lot and cuddle. She told me she was bi and I told her too. I really want to tell her but I'm scared she will be weirded out or won't feel the same. How do I know if she likes me and how can I tell her?

You can’t really know for sure if she likes you unless she happens to have told someone else who then tells you. The only way to know is to ask. I would just come out and say it. Tell her you like her and ask her if she’d want to go out sometime. If she says no, that’s okay! Just tell her you’re okay with just being friends too and go back to the way it was.

Anonymous asked: Hey so me and my bestfriend both have boyfriends but at her sleepover with our other 2 bestfriends we sneakily had lesbian sex when they were sleeping i really enjoyed it and we also kissed .. What does this mean !

It could mean any number of things. Why don’t you talk to her about it and tell her what it meant to you and find out what it meant to her. Only the two of you can say for sure what it meant!

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Anonymous asked: So I have a friend I like, alot. She's a girl and I want to be physical with but I also want to be in a relationship with her. She's the only girl I feel that way about. I find boy parts kinda weird and girls okay, and I like the boobs alot. However i always had boy crushes. I don't know what I would label myself?

Does it matter? Labels aren’t important! Just do what makes you happy and don’t worry about calling it one thing or another.

Anonymous asked: i think im gay and i dont want to be

Why not? There’s nothing wrong with who you are and someday you’ll accept that! Being gay can be difficult, but it’s getting easier every day. You’re exactly who you’re supposed to be!

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Anonymous asked: I came out to my friend a few months ago and she hasn't acknowledged it or said anything about it all. I really want to to to her but do you have any idea how to bring it up?

Just go for it. There’s really no good way to bring up a topic like that if you haven’t talked about it. Maybe you should just bring it up as though you haven’t noticed that she hasn’t acknowledged it. Just start talking about a girl or something and see how she reacts.

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Anonymous asked: Ok so my best friend told me she loved me but then gets a boyfriend and it really angered me. I haven't been able to talk to her about how I felt about it because she's constantly with him. I am the jealous type and it's driving me insane. I have liked her for a very long time which she knows. She knows how jealous I get too. Do you think she might just be doing this to make me jealous?

That’s pretty hard to say. It’s a possibility, but it’s also a possibility that she just likes this guy. Why don’t you send her a text or something and tell her you’d really like a chance to talk to her in private sometime soon.

Anonymous asked: So until like a month ago I was 100% sure I was straight, but then I met this girl who is openly lesbian and we got pretty close and now I really like her. And I wouldn't mind having a normal relationship with her. I'm really confused about my feelings.. Am I bisexual? Bc I definitely like guys.. But idk I could see myself with this girl..

Don’t worry so much about the label. Some people have exceptions and some people don’t care about gender. If you like this girl… go for it! Maybe you’ll like another girl in the future and maybe you won’t… it doesn’t really matter. Do what makes you happy!

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Anonymous asked: What does it mean if I am grossed out by semen and sex with a guy scares me because it looks painful and it seems to be more pleasure for the guy? I find girls and guys attractive but sex seems different with guys.

I don’t think it means anything more than what you just said. Sex with a guy freaks you out and kind of grosses you out too. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t want to have sex with a guy, don’t!

Anonymous asked: how do you deal with being in the closet and feeling sad and angry and confused about yourself. Coming out definitely isn't an option right now for my own safety but the longer I'm closeted (5 years and counting) the more I hate myself for liking girls and wish I could just be straight so my life could be easier.

I think you just learn to accept yourself at some point. You are who you are and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people have to stay in the closet for awhile and it can be really hard, but just remember that it’s not going to be that way forever. Someday you’ll look back and won’t even remember what it felt like to hate yourself for something that’s so much a part of who you are. Learn to embrace it! Everything is going to be okay and someday you’re going to be able to be who you really are out and proud.

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Anonymous asked: Hey so I really liked my best friend for like 2 years now and she's knows and all cause I told her but it kinda ruined our friendship.. I was pretty over dramatic but I really am over it now. Like I don't like her that way at all anymore and I want to tell her but I don't want to bring up that past again. I really want her to know that i don't see her that way now just to set things straight but it's awkward for me cuz of how stupid I looked

I would just send her a nice message or something and just say that you’re sorry for how things went and that you really miss having her as a friend and you would love an opportunity to work it out. I’ve been in really similar situations a few times and I’ve always been able to work it out!